Empress Nashmeira II

Having her appearance in the Final Fantasy XI expansion Treasures of Aht Urhgan, Empress Nashmeira II (聖皇ナシュメラ2世 [seikou nashmeira nisei] or 'Holy Empress Nashmeira II' in Japanese) is the ruler of the Empire of Aht Urhgan and the 16th ruler of the Majaab Dynasty. She is the daughter of the previous ruler Emperor Jalzahn and his wife the Puppetmaster Jubleel and has one older brother, Razfahd. She has two automatons, Mnejing and Ovjang.

When acting in duty as the Empress Nashmeira is formal and everything you would expect from an Empress. However, while away from her duties she seems somewhat childish and rash in her decisions. She enjoys walking about the city disguised as the Royal Puppeteer Aphmau (アフマウ [aphmau]). She is said to be 'nearly sixteen' towards the beginning of the Treasures of Aht Urhgan storyline.

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Early Years

Nashmeira was born as the second child to her father Emperor Jalzahn in Al Zahbi's Imperial Ward. The very earliest information given of her life has her visiting the innermost parts of Nyzul Isle with her mother Jubleel. It is apparent the two were very close.

When Nashmeira was six years old, her mother passed away. Around that time (whether before or slightly after, it isn't known) she received the automaton Ovjang from her mother, and Mnejing from her brother. At that time, with the lack of her mother, she was sent to the Walahra Temple for her upbringing. Most of her life in the temple is unknown, although she must have had some kind of contact with Nadeey.
Upon her arrival to the temple she was rather depressed. However, at some point she started sneaking into the Hall of Binding to visit the Astral Candescence. Some time after that, first Mnejing and then Ovjang developed the ability to speak upon her command. Soon after, she regained her vitality, and would sneak out of the temple to follow the teachings of the puppetmasters at Balrahn's Way outside the temple.

It is unknown when exactly it happened, but some time after her father the Emperor passes away and names Nashmeira the heir to the throne of the Empire. Her brother Razfahd alongside the Immortals Rishfee and Amnaf arrive at the temple to bring her back to the palace. Some time later, her coronation is held and she officially becomes the Empress Nashmeira II.

Not much is known about her rule, although she must not have done very much of it as Razfahd was always telling her to concern herself only with what was brought to her and close her eyes to all the rest. However, one of her independent actions was allowing the establishment of Salaheem's Sentinels despite the words of her advisors who were against it.
Likely on the request of her brother, she also ordered the search for other Astral Candescences within the Alzadaal Undersea Ruins.

Besides those two facts, how she spent her days before her appearance in the game is not known.

Treasures of Aht Urhgan

The first we actually see Nashmeira in Treasures of Aht Urhgan is under the guise of Lady Aphmau, along with her automaton Ovjang, in the throne room of the palace in [[Zahbi]. In this scene, her other automaton Mnejing is pretending to be her behind the curtain shrouding the throne. At this time, Razfahd and several Immortals, among them Rishfee and Amnaf are reporting to her, Razfahd on the matter of the search for the 'treasure', and Rishfee and Amnaf on the recent ghost activity around Aht Urhgan, and identify the culprits as descendants of the dead nation of Ephramad and their long-sunken ship the Black Coffin, along with its captain Luzaf. Razfahd dismisses these as mere rumors. 'Nashmeira', upon hearing Razfahd's protests, orders 'Lady Aphmau' to investigate the matter of the ghost ship.

Following her 'orders', Aphmau first contacts the Salaheem's Sentinels to gain some assistance. She arrives, accompanied by Rishfee and Ovjang, who ends up doing most of the talking, with Aphmau herself saying hardly a word. Matters are arranged so that the player character is tasked with aiding her.
The next we hear of Nashmeira is when she invites the player character and Naja Salaheem to the palace in her brother's name. The two gain audience with her and report their recent findings concerning the ghost ship. In this scene, she herself is behind the curtain. In exchange for the information, she rewards the player character with Glory Crown. After the two leave, Razfahd arrives, incensed that she used his name, and gives her a lecture on staying put and doing nothing unnecessary.

A while later, when the emissary from Windurst, lady Karababa arrives in Whitegate, Nashmeira sends Mnejing to greet her. However, the situation at the greeting ceremony grows heated, and Nashmeira slips into using imperial speech. This leads her to shut down Mnejing for a while while she has a short mental breakdown at her own shortcomings, only to have to shut it down again because she can't keep Mnejing under control.
Not too long after, Aphmau decides to don her 'red outfit', a sign that no one should recognize her as the Lady Aphmau, much less herself. She and Ovjang talk about finally putting into action their 'plan'. She makes a bad act of being sleepy and retiring early, and escapes into the city.
Out in the city, she makes her way to the Shararat Teahouse, that she had visited before with Razfahd. She happens upon the player character and Lady Karababa. She immediately sets to spy upon the two, and recognizes the player character as the mercenary she hired earlier. She then gets possessive over the player character when Karababa bullies them around, and decides to follow the two to Aydeewa Subterrane.


Aphmau, along with Ovjang, makes her way into Aydeewa, where she has Ovjang dig something up. They speculate that the pattern on the object is similar to the ones on the Astral Candescence, but have no time to do anything further when a band of Qiqirn come after the treasure. The situation looks bad, and she calls for the player character for help. With very good timing, as they and Lady Karababa have just arrived at the scene. However, who answers her plea is Karababa, who casts a Thundaga to scare away the Qiqirn. Although quite expectedly, Aphmau isn't happy to see her and her companion Ten of Hearts, and a fight ensues. The Ten of Hearts casts a Firaga that knocks out her, Ovjang and the player character. Karababa, having retrieved the object Aphmau found, leaves. While they were knocked out, a Mamool Ja savage carries away Ovjang.
Some time later, the Immortals Rishfee and Amnaf along with Razfahd find the knocked-out Aphmau. They return her to the palace, but not before warning the player character not to speak of it to anyone.
Shortly after awakening Aphmau is in the throne room looking for Ovjang. Razfahd enters, telling her that the automaton wasn't found with her. He then dismisses her entirely. Naturally, she does not take this well.

Some time after (enough for a trip to Execution Chamber in Halvung), Nashmeira is still lamenting the loss of her Ovjang. When we next hear of her, she has disappeared from the palace, and Razfahd sends the player character to search for her in Aydeewa. However, when the player and Rishfee arrive in Aydeewa, she has already left the area after not being able to find Ovjang there, and gone to the Walahra Temple. There, first the player character and then Rishfee find her, but she refuses to return to the palace before Ovjang is found. At that time, Gessho pipes up, telling her that he has seen a red automaton near Mount Zhayolm.
Gessho leaves, and Rishfee tells the others that Gessho has no official business in Mamook where he says he will be heading to, saying it is likely that the whole thing is a ruse and Ovjang is in Mamook instead. Nashmeira makes the decision to head to Mamook. She invites both the player and Rishfee to go with her.

The small group is just in time to happen upon a Mamool Ja gathering evaluating the danger Ovjang could present to them. Present is also Gessho, seemingly arranging an attack from two fronts upon the Empire. Soon, Gulool Ja Ja notices the humans present, and Gessho escapes. The situation escalates into a conflict, and the Mamool Ja holding Ovjang throws her away. Aphmau runs to retrieve it, but is attacked by that Mamool. However, Rishfee intercepts the attack, wounding himself in the process.
That is the point that the player character jumps in to defeat the Mamool. Aphmau tries to reach Ovjang, but Flit shows up on the scene and carries away Mnejing. Right then, Luzaf shows up too, taking Ovjang, and calling the two automatons the 'automaton couple of calamity'. Aphmau demands them back, but the two throw the automatons into some kind of a runic portal, and Luzaf follows shortly. Aphmau, not about to let her automatons get taken away, follows. The runic portal closes in front of the horrified Rishfee.

Where Aphmau along with the others ends up in is the Black Coffin. Aphmau and Mnejing awake inside the captain's cabin, and Ovjang is once again activated. Aphmau and Ovjang are excited about being on a ghost ship, until Mnejing points out a painting to them. Aphmau identifies it as depicting Alzadaal and the Dark Rider, a scene of the Age of Judgement of the past. That is when Luzaf enters. Aphmau is hesitant, but Luzaf assures her that he won't harm her, but that he will not allow them to leave the ship since he has business with the automatons.

Along the days of sailing while approaching Dvucca Isle, Aphmau realizes (if she didn't already) that the ship they are aboard is the ghost ship people had been talking about. When talking with Luzaf about it, and assuring him that she thinks it to be exciting, they hear Lamiae in the distance. Aphmau claims that the Empire could never control them, that they are enemies, but Luzaf corrects her that they were created by the Empire and used in taking down the remaining corsairs 200 years ago - those of Black Coffin. She agrees to an attempt to ascertain the truth of the matter, and embarks along with Luzaf - only to see her brother Razfahd in control of Lamiae. She is incredulous, and attempts to reach Razfahd to ask him what is going on, telling Luzaf that Razfahd is her brother. However, Luzaf stops her at first, making her float in the air alongside him. He then takes them all to where Razfahd is.
Razfahd is so surprised at their appearance, he almost uses Nashmeira's real name. The two have an argument about using Lamiae, and Luzaf gets angry. Razfahd identifies Luzaf, and in return, the words Nashmeira, her automatons and Razfahd exchange identifies Nashmeira as the Empress. That is also when Nashmeira finds out why Razfahd wasn't named heir - because while she still lived at the temple, he received a wound so grievous that nothing but the blue blood of beasts could save him. She is shocked, and begins to agree on returning to the palace.
However, Luzaf is not willing to let the two go. His anger calls forth the Dark Rider, and attacks Razfahd. However, the Dark Rider disappears after that, and Luzaf collapses. Instead of watching by, Nashmeira runs to him, and commands Flit to warp them all aboard the Black Coffin. She apologizes to Razfahd and the player character as she disappears.

The next day, Luzaf is still unconscious, with Nashmeira watching over him. He's had nightmares, and mumbles something about the Age of Judgement. When Luzaf wakes up, for some time Flit makes Nashmeira and the automatons do various chores around the ship. Finally, Luzaf makes up his mind and requests to speak with Nashmeira privately. He tells her about the day he died, slain by the forces of the Empire, and how he was brought back to the world of the living by Odin, to become the next Dark Rider. When Luzaf confesses to her that he no longer wishes for revenge upon the Empire, Nashmeira encourages him to rebuild Ephramad. That is when Flit enters the room, reminding Luzaf that even if he does not wish revenge, his path is set on it already. Luzaf tells him that he'll enter Hazhalm, but only to nullify the pact. Nashmeira agrees to go with him.
The conversation is once again interrupted, this time with word of another stranger on board. It is the player character, and Nashmeira rushes in to save them. She then agrees to leave the player character in guard of the corsair treasures in Talacca Cove, and the ship summarily leaves them behind while the others head to Hazhalm.

Upon reaching Hazhalm, Luzaf calls forth Odin. Nashmeira is affected by the Astral Wind blowing from the portal as he arrives, and it knocks her out. When she wakes up, she finds Luzaf about to attack Odin, having ascertained that it is the way he should pick, and the player character present, having uncovered the plot to keep them from her side. However, Odin reflects Luzaf's attack back at him, and disappears back through the portal he came from, and Luzaf proposes immediately going after Alexander and destroying it to prevent another Age of Judgement.
However, at that point Razfahd and the Immortals arrive. Razfahd commands Luzaf taken prisoner, and when Nashmeira tries stopping them Razfahd informs her that he has taken the liberty to take away her throne. When the situation escalates, Nashmeira hands the player character a Luminian Dagger and has Ovjang warp them away, to gain help from the Salaheem's Sentinels.

After this incident and her forced return to the palace, Nashmeira remained in her chambers for a while. Meanwhile, word spreads that Grand Vizier Razfahd has taken command of the Empire, and she stripped of all her authority.
Not too long after, Razfahd uses his powers to search her mind for the way to extract information about Alexander from Ovjang and Mnejing. Nashmeira herself is present when he and Ghatsad use the automatons to open the Gordeus, but is not herself and instead recovering from the intrusion upon her mind. Upon fulfilling their task, the automatons self-destruct, and it makes Nashmeira wake up from her reverie, horrified at what has happened. Some time later, she escapes from the palace and looses the Immortals on her trail. It is unknown if this happened before or after she went to Naja Salaheem for help, who hid her away in the Salaheem Officer Academy.

After the nations of Middle Lands have decided to take more direct action in the events of Aht Urhgan, Nashmeira shows up at the Salaheem's Sentinels main office, unable to wait by herself while Naja is out looking to save Luzaf. When Naja and the player character show up at the office without having succeeded, Nashmeira gives them a Mythril Mirror to safely reach the innermost chambers of Nyzul Isle where both the automaton-colossus and Luzaf are. She then announces that she will come along, to try convince her brother to stop his plans.

When she and the player character reach the innermost chamber, Razfahd is just planning to destroy a fleet of airships from the Middle Lands, and Nashmeira fails to persuade him. While Nashmeira then attempts to reach the controls of Alexander, Razfahd summons Raubahn to defeat the player character. However, Raubahn is soon defeated, and the true Alexander awakens, making the automaton-colossus unresponsive to controls. While the player character ends up fighting the awakened Alexander, Nashmeira reaches the controls and tries - and in the end, succeeds in taking control of the colossus. Alexander falls.
To this celebration Luzaf appears, but while Nashmeira attempts approaching him Alexander once again awakens, and shoots a spear of light through her and the player character in its attempt to reach Luzaf. While Alexander recovers fully, Luzaf materializes the Dark Rider. The two fight, and just as Alexander is releasing his Divine Judgement, Nashmeira awakens. Her scream prompts Razfahd to use the last of his will to stop Alexander and save Aht Urhgan from its doom. Likewise, Luzaf, brought back from his anger, makes the Dark Rider stop its attack. The presence of both Alexander and Odin disappear, and Nashmeira falls back into unconsciousness.
Luzaf, now freed from his bond but still present, runs to Nashmeira and vows to save her. He takes her to the Astral Candescence present in the room and formally relinquishes his life in exchange for saving Nashmeira's. She awakens, only to hear Luzaf apology that he cannot stay further. He falls into her arms and disappears.

Upon their return to Al Zahbi, a date for the re-instation of Nashmeira's power as the Empress is decided. Invites are sent to the nations of the Middle Lands, and of course present are the player character and Naja Salaheem as well. At the date of her coronation, she proceeds to dispense with all the formalities, and addresses her carefully picked guests directly. She apologizes for the trouble the Empire of Aht Urhgan has brought to the nations of the Middle Lands. Among all the talk, Gessho arrives with word from the Far East that the Mikado has agreed to initiate talk of making peace with the Empire.
With peace underway on all fronts, Nashmeira gives permission to continue the coronation ceremony. However, Ghatsad who had been in charge of the crown apologizes that he has already melted it down, and presents the repaired Ovjang and Mnejing to the Empress. The two are fully functional and even improved.
After the ceremony part of her coronation, Nashmeira announces that she has authorized the plea of independence of Zhwa, the home nation of Naja Salaheem that had fallen under the rule of the Empire.


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Nashmeira, under her common-name Aphmau, has made an appearance in the FF-TCG series under the element of Lightning.

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