Elecotte is an Elezen woman who works for Esthaime's Lapidaries. She can be found at the counter, and is your main interface for the Goldsmiths' Guild services.


Class quests
She Walks in Beauty (start)
F'lhaminn's Flower (start)
Struck Through the Heart (start)


Elecotte: Eshtaime's Lapidaries welcomes you. Here we cater to the jeweling needs of Eorzea's opulent.
Do not hesitate to let me know if there is anything I might help you with.

(when looking at guild tasks)
Elecotte: One does not simply become a goldsmith overnight! If you mean to refine your skills, perhaps you would care to undertake some tasks in the name of Esthaime's Lapidaries. There is no finer way to master our trade.
(turn in guild task)
Elecotte: Just as I requested. A job well done, <Player>. Here is your payment.
Allow me to present you with this, as well. Esthaime's Lapidaries appreciates your loyalty.
Be sure to keep an eye to the task board. No doubt we will have more work posted in the near future.

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