Eldid is a Wood Wailer of Gridania in Final Fantasy XIV. She's stationed by the entrance to the Lotus Gardens from the Heartstream.


Eldid is not involved in any quests.


Eldid: This way will see you to the Lotus Gardens. If there's aught you'd like to know fo the place, you need only ask the lancer lass before you.

(Tell me of the Lotus Gardens)
Eldid: Follow this path up its incline to reach the Lotus Gardens. You'll find it split into two areas - the residential Peasants Ward and the mercantile market dens.
Is there anything else you care to ask?

(Tell me of the Peasant Ward)
Eldid: For the most part, the Gardens are taken up with the homes of the forestborn. Time was naught but farmers lived there, but with the burgeoning trade to the north and south, there's more merchants and crafters now. Aye, it's beocme quite a bustling little area - though whether for better or worse, I couldn't say.

(Tell me of the market dens)
Eldid: The market dens are just that - Gridania's marketplace. It can be a bit confusing at first, but the den names should help you find your way about. And more than like some fellow adventurers will be glad to share wha thtey know.

(Tell me of the Adders' Nest)
Eldid: So you've heard already, have you? Aye, it's true, the Order of the Twin Adder has established a base of command in the Lotus Gardens. The Adders' Nest, it's called. If you wish to serve Gridania, I urge you to pay a visit.

(Tell me of the Heartstream)
Eldid: The Heartstream is the ward where you find yourself now. It is Gridania's core, where the three gates meet. There are workshops aplenty as well, in and amongst all the running waters and waterwheels.
You'll find the way to the Lily Hills through here as well, where Gridania's wealthiest folk live. I suggest you take a jaunt that way, should you find the time, but know that the guards there are ever watchful, and may see fit to deny you entry.

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