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Eiko Carol (エーコ·キャルオル [eiko carol] in Japanese) from Final Fantasy IX is the last surviving summoner of Madain Sari. She's 6 years old and was born in March 1793. Even so, after her grandfather's death she has lived in the ruins of Madain Sari all by herself, accompanied only by Mog and her other Moogle companions.

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Early Years

Eiko was born in 1793, three years after the destruction of Madain Sari, indicating that at least several people survived the incident. However, her parents died the following year when she was around one year old, leaving her accompanied by her grandfather. It's unknown if her grandfather was the only adult left at this point or if the others died after this.

However the case, she lived in Madain Sari rather peacefully with her grandfather and the moogles. Then, in May 1799 her grandfather, the last of the adults left of the once-great summoner race, died. This left Eiko to fend for herself along with the moogles. To help in getting food to eat for the little tribe, Eiko first entered Conde Petit in October. Her first trip having been a success, she made a second trip in December. This is as far as information about Eiko's solitary life goes.

Final Fantasy IX


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Eiko has made several appearances in the FF-TCG series, bearing the Earth element.

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