Eduardo (エドウアルド [eduardo] in Japanese) is a bard from Rusalka in Final Fantasy Dimensions. He's known world-over, but recently retired to his home town. His father died and mother disappeared when he was very young, and no other particulars of his family are known.

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Eduardo was born in Rusalka to his father (unnamed) and his mother Edna. When he was around 4 years old, his father died - it's unknown what was the cause. Whatever it was, shortly thereafter Eduardo fell seriously ill. His mother was desperate, and as such relied on an old Rusalkan legend, that if a woman gave up her human life she would gain her heart's dearest wish. Edna disappeared from the human world, and Eduardo became healthy.


It's unknown how Eduardo managed after that. At some point, he became a bard, and started traveling the world gaining fame and riches. Then one day, he came home to Rusalka to stay, and in a night-time stroll he saw a mermaid off the docks of Rusalka. He grew obsessed. When he met a witch who said she could make it so that the two could meet, he immediately agreed. The witch turned him into a toad.

Eduardo continued living in Rusalka - albeit in the sewers - and came to sing at the docks during the night in the hopes of meeting the mermaid again. However, that didn't happen. Then came along the Warriors of Light, who promised to set things straight. He joined them. After a detour of a brief period of traveling in the immediate vicinity of Rusalka, the Warriors and Eduardo gained a bottle of Bubbly Water which would allow them to breathe underwater and head for the Underwater Temple where mermaids were said to live. They fought their way deep into the temple, and there found Edna, Eduardo's mother. As Edna cried over what had been done to her son, one of her tears became a Crystal. Eduardo was returned back to his human form, and the Warriors gained the capabilities of bards.


Eduardo is a young man with sad, slightly down-stinted blue eyes and platinum blond hair. He wears puffy and embroidered clothes suitable for a bard, his jacket the color of cream and his pants bright red. He wears a dusk-colored cape and brown boots, as well as a small purple hat with a feather on the left side of his head.
His harp is wooden and has carved decorations on its bottom.


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Eduardo has had one appearance in the FF-TCG, bearing the Ice element.

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