Edna is the mother of Eduardo in Final Fantasy Dimensions. Once, she was a human, and lived in Rusalka with her husband and her son. Currently she is a mermaid. Her appearance in her human form is unknown, but as a mermaid she has a light purple tail.

Edna lived a presumably peaceful life with her family in Rusalka. However, one day Edna's husband died1, and her toddler child fell seriously ill. In desperation she followed a Rusalkan legend and cast off her human form to fulfil her heart's deepest wish - that her son be cured. She became a mermaid, and Eduardo lived. From thereafter she lived in the Underwater Temple together with the other mermaids.

Several decades on, Eduardo had become a famous bard and came back to Rusalka to settle down. Wanting to see her son now that she could, Edna occasionally came to the docks to sing. Then the world was torn asunder, and Eduardo stopped appearing at the docks. He had been turned into a frog by a witch from the Avalonian Empire. Soon after, the same witch, known as Styx, the Water General, captured Edna and took her deep into the temple, keeping the other mermaids away from the area. Right on schedule, the Warriors of Light who had come to town came to rescue Edna. After a fierce battle, Styx was defeated and Edna and Eduardo had their reunion at last. Edna's tears cured her son from his toad curse and returned him to his human form. One of her tears also became a Crystal that gave the Warriors the powers of bards.

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