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Edea (イデア・クレイマー [edea kramer] in Japanese) is the name of a Witch in Final Fantasy VIII. Her last name comes from her husband Cid Kramer. While Edea's age is unknown, she looked much the same as she does today some 10+ years back, and is a Sorceress who are known to live for a long time. Her husband is in his 40s, this might give a clue to her age. For a good stretch of her life Edea has been the matron of an orphanage, first at the Cape of Good Hope and then on the White SeeD Ship. She also spent a long amount of time possessed by Ultimecia.

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Early Years

Not much at all is known about Edea's early life. She gained her Sorceress powers and established her orphanage on the Cape of Good Hope at some point, as well as met and married Cid Kramer. The order of these events is all unknown.

After establishing the orphanage (or at the very least having the place ready), Edea met Ultimecia for the first time, although to her Ultimecia was just a nameless Sorceress on the brink of death, wanting to pass on her powers. She received Ultimecia's powers, although was likely a Sorceress before this as well.
That is also when she met Squall Leonhart from a dozen years to the future. Squall told her to establish SeeD, the anti-Sorceress force.


Squall's warning must have been effective, for soon she and her husband established the Gardens, a series of military schools training youths as mercenaries. Their ultimate goal was to have the SeeDs trained and in top shape to counter the Sorceress threat.
It is unknown if it happened before or after the establishment of Gardens, but Edea's orphanage took in several orphaned children from all over the world, those of Squall, Seifer Almasy, Quistis Trepe, Zell Dincht, Selphie Tilmitt and Irvine Kinneas. All of these children were later adopted or sent directly to a Garden of some location. Invariably, all of them ended up at a Garden by their teenage years, whether adopted or not.

After the residents of her first orphanage were sent on their various ways, Edea established the White SeeD ship, a mobile SeeD unit slash orphanage where she spent most of the years immediately previous to the game. With her on the ship was Ellone, a girl with mysterious powers. It could be that she and Cid gained some of their knowledge about the need for SeeDs through Ellone, who has the power to send a person to the past or the future.

Things changed for Edea before the game's start, although it is unknown how long before. She was possessed by Ultimecia from the future, a version who had not yet approached her death. Ultimecia-Edea approached and eventually started taking over the might of Galbadia, a militaristic nation.

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The most striking feature Edea has on first glance are her yellow eyes, perhaps sign of being a Sorceress. She also has numerous vein-like protrusions on the left side of her face. She has very long black hair and wears purple eyeshadow that fades to white towards her eyebrows, and dark purple lips - although the latter could once again be due to Sorceress powers. Her exact height is unknown, although she appears to be of medium height compared to the characters we see her standing next to.

Most of the time Edea wears a headdress of some kind, purple in base color with various horns and what appears to be a shell protruding from it. From the shell (over her left ear) comes out a claw of some kind with a three-branched pendant hanging from it. On the other side of her face there appears to be an earring (or another portion of the headdress) built out of bigger and smaller spheres, with some tassels at the end of it. On that side there is also a fan-shaped decoration with spikes protruding from it. The headdress also appears to hide her long hair, although they can come free at will - or so it seems.
During various portions of the story there is another part to the headdress, a red beaked mask of some kind. The mask retreats into the confines of the headdress when it's not required.

Edea wears a simple floor-length slim and dark purple dress with feathers around the generous cleavage. The feathers appear to be either black or dark purple depending on the lighting. The dress also appears to include glove-like things, although these could be full-length gloves the same material and color with the dress but still separate. The joint could disappear into the feathers.
The last part of Edea's dress is a wide and tall back ornament, a golden open-fan shape. From this shape hang two shimmery pieces of fabric, one on each side of her body, white in color. She does not always wear this, it seems to appear only in occasions with some ceremony.

It bears noting that while Edea's likeness was included in Duodecim - the simple version of her dress and headdress - that was in fact an alternate costume for Ultimecia called Edea Corpse.



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Edea has had several appearances under the Lightning element in the FF-TCG series.

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