E'dasshym is a traveling thaumaturge in Final Fantasy XIV, likely from Ul'dah. She can be found in the Carline Canopy of Gridania and gushes over every fresh adventurer out to make their name as a thaumaturge.


E'dasshym is not involved in any quests.


E'dasshym: Your kind certainly has an insatiable appetite for tidings. Whatever would you do without the Adventurers' Guild?
Oh, that dumbfounded look is so unbecoming. You needn't worry, there are many and more thaumaturges like myself, if only you know where to look. Why, the Order of Nald'thal is its own guild, you know.
Gridania has guilds of its own, to be sure. Those militant types with their pointy spears and arrows, and those adorable little conjrues, and…oh, whatever else it is they do here. If what you seek isn't here, I imagine it can be found elsewhere.

(speak on THM20+)
E'dasshym: Twelve be good, you're of the Order! Youare a welcome sight indeed. What brings you to Gridania?
Oh, you simply must pay a visit to the guild. You do know of it, yes? Ah…I remember the day I first set foot in the Arrzaneth Ossuary… I never dreamt there were so many like-minded souls in Ul'dah!
You need do no more than take the Lumberline beyond the forest and across the desert until you reach the city. The Ossuary is our true home, and the seat of untold power!

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