Drividot is a fisher in Final Fantasy XIV, and is known for giving tips to fresh fishermen. He can be found in the Carmine Canopy of Gridania.


Drividot is not involved in any quests.


(after Grand Companies)
Drividot: It seems the Grand Company of old has been restored to its former glory. They've already established a base of operations in the Lotus Gradens.
The Order of the Twin Adder's banner flies once more. If you've a mind to lend your strength to the fight against the Garleans, you'd do well to pledge your allegiance.

(on FSH20+)
Drividot: It pains me to say that not everyone at the Fishermen's Guild back in Limsa Lominsa shares my sense of duty.
Any lout with eyes could glean as much from a visit to Fisherman's Bottom. That's where you'll find most pullers and casters these days.
Actually, if you've a mind to contribute, why not head there yourself? After all, if it comes to war with the Garleans, not even the fishers will be spared. Oh, but don't go repeating what I said about duty - they can be quite…hotheaded.

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