Doyoh Lihzeh

Doyoh Lizeh is a Miqo'te who helped out with Valentione's Day 2012 in Gridania of Final Fantasy XIV version 1.x.


Doyoh is not involved in any quests.


Doyoh Lihzeh: That's right, Valentione's Day is here! Now is the time to put your feelings into words and profess your love!

Doyoh Lihzeh: Can you not feel the love in the air, friend? Aye, Valentione's Day is upon us!
(What would you like to do? Ask about consecrated chocolates.)
Doyoh Lihzeh: Oh, consecrated chocolates are a truly magical treat. Only the purest-hearted maidens of Menphina may prepare them, and only with great toil.
Such is their power that whomsoever consumes one uncontrollably blows a kiss, and the lucky recipient of this kiss is suffused with the Glory of Love!
Pair up with another adventurer, then come speak to me. It will be my pleasure to record your Glory of Love standing in our logs.
If it is high enough, the Adventurers' Guild will reward you with yet another gift.
A, yes, I nearly forgot. The adventurer couple with the highest Glory of Love standing on any given day shall be dubbed Eorzea's most loving couple. What better way to celebrate your love!?
(Have your Glory of Love standing recorded)
Doyoh Lihzeh: Hold your hands out to this crystal ball. The brightness of its light shall reflect the glory of your love.
(Record your Glory of Love? No, I…I can't!)
(text missing)
(Record your Glory of Love? Yes, I did it all for this)
Doyoh Lihzeh: Such…such brilliance! All praise be unto Menphina, the Glory of Love is strong between you!
This is for you. A gift form the Adventurers' Guild to commemorate the love you and your partner share.
At present, the most loving couple is <Full Name> and <Full Name>!
(Ask after your Glory of Love standing)
Doyoh Lihzeh: Yes… Yeeesss… The crystal sees the Glory of Love within you!
(Inquire after the most loving couple)
Doyoh Lihzeh: At present, the most loving couple is <Full Name> and <Full Name>!
(Inquire after the most loving couple (no one's recorded Glory of Love that day))
Doyoh Lihzeh: The most loving couple in Eorzea is…nobody. Nobody has recorded their Glory of Love. <sigh> Surely Menphina has turned her back on us.
(Nothing. I am incapable of love)
(exit out of dialogue)

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