Doga (ドーガ [doga] in Japanese) is one of the oldest people alive in addition to Unei and Xande. He was a disciple of Noah with the two others in his younger days, and became a great mage. He appears to have lived in his own mansion on the Dalg continent with several moogles. He died before the end of the game.

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It is unknown at what point in his life - and in what age - Doga became a disciple of Noah. He was bestowed the mastery of magic when Noah left the world. It is unknown also how he spent his life after that. However, at some point he must have built his mansion and made friends with the moogles that accompany him, as well as have several disciples of his own to spread the knowledge about magic.


When the Warriors of Light appear before him, he helps them on their way against Xande and tells them some important bits of information about their opponent and the nature of the current battle. When they judge the Warriors ready for it, he battles them to death with Unei. The deaths of the two disciples bestows the Syrcus Key and the Eureka Key upon the Warriors.


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Doga has appearaned in the FF-TCG series, bearing the Fire element. In addition, his name has appeared alongside Unei's in FF9 in a small event in Black Mage Village.

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