Didiwai is a Lalafell member of the Yellowjackets. He was assigned as the Camp Bearded Rock Gatewarden in Final Fantasy XIV version 1.x.


Didiwai is not involved in any quests.


Didiwai: Welcome to Camp Bearded Rock. I am Gatewarden Didiwai.
Our men and women keep vigil over the outlying areas of Cedarwood, Widow Cliffs, and Moraby Bay.

(on a leve)
Didiwai: <Full Name>, I presume? I am Gatewarden Didiwai. Baderon has informed me that you will be using some of my camp's excess supplies to create him something or the other.
When you have completed the task, I shall inspect your work. If it is adequate, I shall have my quartermaster hold onto the finished product until Baderon comes by to pick it up himself.

Category: People

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