Desch (デッシュ [desch] in Japanese) is an Ancient of indeterminable age in Final Fantasy III. His father was Owen, who built the Tower of Owen. He seems to be a capable fighter and a mechanic and/or scholar of kinds.

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Not much at all is known about Desch's early life. He worked on the Tower of Owen with his father, and became its maintainer. At some point, he went into cryostasis, and awakens some time before the Warriors of Light appear.

However, he did not survive the cryostasis without side effects, for when he awakens he is weak and has lost his memory. He ends up in the town of Canaan and is taken care of by Salina. He spends enough time in her care that she falls in love with him, and he develops some feelings for her too. But he cannot stay, for he knows he has a mission. He ends up leaving Canaan, and meets the four Warriors of Light at Summit Road.

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Desch has had one appearance in the FF-TCG series, bearing the Wind element.

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