Delita Heiral

Delita Heiral (ディリータ・ハイラル [delita heiral] in Japanese) is a commoner-come-knight-come-king in Final Fantasy Tactics. He and his younger sister Tietra were raised by the Beoulve family after their parents died, and due to this he is childhood friends with Ramza Beoulve. Delita has short mid-brown hair and dark brown eyes. After the main story of Tactics he married Ovelia Atkascha and became the king, but was soon attacked by her and ended up killing her for it. Her attack may or may not have killed or only wounded him.

In the flashback section at the start of Tactics Delita is 16 years old, and by the end of it he is over 18. The actual displayed age in the game for him varies according to how long you spent doing optional quests, but it is possible to have it end with him at 18 years old.

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Delita has made quite a few appearances in the FF-TCG series, bearing the Earth element.

tcg_1092.jpg tcg_1093.jpg tcg_4064.jpg
1-092U Delita 1-093C Delita 4-064S Delita
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8-050U Delita 13-120C Delita

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