Dark Lord

The Dark Lord was the previous ruler of the area these days known as Padarak. He appears to be a monster, although among Padarak's population there are rumors that before he became the Dark Lord, he was in fact a handsome Selkie male. However, nothing indicates this is anything more but a rumor.
After miasma's disappearance from the world, something happened to the Dark Lord's kingdom to make it disappear. Whether it was as a result of this or as a result of Epitav's arrival and the subsequent battle between the two, the Dark Lord's physical body somehow exploded and the remains scattered all over the surrounding lands. However, this didn't truly kill the Dark Lord, and he managed to seal away Epitav with his heart.

A while later from these events, king Leo and his retinue arrived to the Dark Lord's city, and chose to rebuild their kingdom there. Unknowingly, they helped recreate the Dark Lord's body by collecting bits of it and using them in conjunction with the local Crystal's powers. This eventually resulted in his revival. However, it was too late for him, for Padarak's forces had grown too strong, and eventually defeated him for good.


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The Dark Lord has had one appearance in FF-TCG, with the element of Dark.

9-162R Dark Lord

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