Dark Elf

Dark Elf (ダークエルフ [dark elf] in Japanese) is a person of unknown origin in Final Fantasy IV. It's unknown if the elves are a race of their own or if Dark Elf is a corruption of some kind for whatever reason. He seems to have strong magical powers, and intellect enough to keep an eye on his weaknesses.
All that is known for certain is that he greatly resembles Astos, the dark elf from FF1.

During FF4, he stole the Earth Crystal from Troia, and escaped into the Lodestone Cavern where no blade could reach him. His ambitions were thwarted when a group led by Cecil Harvey came after the crystal. They had with them a strip of Whisperweed that carried the magical sound of a harp played by Gilbart Chris Von Muir into the cavern. The Dark Elf's anti-blade field was broken, and the group defeated him.

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