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Curilla V Mecru (クリラ・V・メクリュ [curilla V mecru] in Japanese) is the leader of the Temple Knights (the Temple Knight Lord) in Final Fantasy XI, and is a Paladin by her battle style. She's the most skillful swordsman in the country, and gets along well with Prince Trion I d'Oraguille. Of her family not much is known, although her father Rainemard Mecru died sometime in the past 20 years. She was apparently born in the year 859 CE1, although this is somewhat contested by conflicting timelines.

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Not much is known about Curilla's early life, although her father seems to have been the doting kind, bragging to everyone how cute his daughter is. It was never mentioned how Curilla got into swordfighting, but she must have started at an early age.

At age 19 Curilla competed in a tournament for the title of Master Swordsman of San d'Oria. It was either at this time or somewhat earlier that her talent was discovered by the country's officials, and she was brought into the castle as a fencing partner for the prodigious Prince Trion. However, if hints from a Vana'diel Tribune II article can be trusted, this happened around 4 years before the tournament, around the year 874 CE.

The details of her life after that are not very well known. Sometime after the Crystal War, her father died, and somewhere around the same time period or several years after she became the Temple Knight Lord. Her left eye got wounded in a practice battle with Prince Trion around this same time period of 20 years. She seems to be ashamed of her wounded eye somewhat, and hides it behind her hair.


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Curilla has appeared once in the FF-TCG, with the element Water.


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