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Cu Chaspel (クー・チャスペル [cu chaspel] in Japanese) is one of the antagonists in Ring of Fates. He is a Clavat, and while his age is unknown he appears to be in his 30s for the greatest part of the game - that is, around the time the twins Yuri and Chelinka are 12. He appears to a bit mentally unstable, and hurting people seems to bring him a lot of joy.
Cu Chaspel is not his real name, he took it up after meeting Galdes.1 However, his real name isn't known.

Chaspel's voice actor in the Japanese version was Mitsuaki Madono, and Liam O'Brien in the English version.

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Early Years


Nothing is known about Chaspel's childhood. In his twenties however, he lived in Rautswall Cyel2 and had a family consisting of at least one child. Further details of his family life are not known, not even if the child was a boy or a girl.
However, one day there was a flood in Rautswall Cyel, and in the confusion among the flood he ran into a looter. At that time, he witnessed his child being wounded right before his eyes, but he turned and ran away, leaving his child there. After that incident, he met up with Galdes and took up his mask and the name Cu Chaspel.

Chaspel then becomes Galdes's main supporter, and went after princess Tilika when she was sent away from Rebena Te Ra when Galdes needed her. Chaspel stole her away and took her into the crystal room of Rela Cyel, where he locked her within the crystal powering the city. There, she died. Chaspel somehow survived the resulting destruction of Rela Cyel, and reported back to Galdes.

Chaspel's next important mission was about a year later, to retrieve Aleria from her home and bring her into the temple for Galdes. In this mission, Chaspel succeeded, and Aleria came with him willingly to spare her family.

Ring of Fates


In the early stages of the game, Chaspel witnesses the twins Yuri and Chelinka arriving for the first time in Rebena Te Ra, and he sets up a test for the two on Galdes's orders. The twins pass the test, and Galdes thus finds out that at least one of them is a Starsinger, able to wield the power of the Crystals like their mother Aleria.
He is then sent to the village once again, to retrieve the twins. However, this time he isn't as successful as with bringing Aleria. He defeats - and kills - Latov who was protecting his children, but Chelinka uses her powers and gets rid of him.

Afterwards, the temple leaves the little village alone for quite some time. They probably see no reason to return to the village, for they have gotten rid of Meeth Crym, and locked away Alhanalem to Mt Vaal, so with Latov dead there should be no worry. It is quite likely that it is Cu Chaspel himself who took away Al to Mt Vaal.

Chaspel's next appearance has him stab king Kolka when the group consisting of the twins and their guardians and friends has managed to clear his mind from the clutches the temple had him in. He then calls for help for the king, pretending that the king was stabbed by Yuri's group instead. This gets the group judged to be criminals and sent to Kilanda Isle.

The final appearance Cu Chaspel has in that world is along with Galdes in the Crystal Temple's entrance hall, welcoming the attacking party of the king and his soldiers as well as Yuri's group. While Galdes retreats, Cu Chaspel stays to fight the group, and in the end is defeated. That spells his end.
It is of interest to note that in the worlds Galdes reconstructs when he gains the Cursed Moon's powers Cu Chaspel does not appear even once.

When Yuri and Chelinka reconstruct the world to make a happier place, Cu Chaspel once again lives. However, he is not an adversary this time, and instead has a customization shop in Rebena Te Ra. This shop was previously held up by a middle-aged selkie woman longing for adventure, and it is quite likely that in this new world she decided to go out herself instead of just making equipment for others, thus giving Chaspel the chance to do something good with his life.


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Cu Chaspel has appeared several times in FF-TCG, bearing the elements of Ice and Dark.

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