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Cornelia (コーネリア [cornelia] in Japanese) was a Mythril Musketeer, one of the people sent on the Multinational Expedition 30 years ago from the start of Final Fantasy XI. Not much is known about her, but she seemed gentle. Unlike most Humes, she was friends with Galka, and ended up dying while protecting one - Raogrimm, one of her old friends.



Not much at all is known about Cornelia's life. However, at some point she became a Mythril Musketeer (it must have happened before the year 854 CE, although the exact point is unknown), and was chosen to participate in the Multinational Expedition, along with Raogrimm and Ulrich.

In the Northlands, the area of Xarcabard, the old bastokan conflict between Humes and Galka reaches a high point when Ulrich decides he must get rid of Raogrimm. When the thoughts that nobody can see them, he draws his sword on Raogrimm. Cornelia, however, protects Raogrimm from his attack and is killed instead.

Afterward, when Raogrimm becomes the Shadow Lord, Cornelia's soul cannot rest. She guides the player character(s) on the Dynamis storyline so they could bring Raogrimm's soul to rest.

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