Clyde Arrowny

Clyde (クライド [clyde] in Japanese) had a loyal friend named Baram, and they committed grand larcenies together. After they had heisted a million gil from a Doma train, they escaped down Barren Falls, where Baram was badly injured. Believing that he would never survive if Doma authorities found him, Baram asked Clyde to help him kill himself, but Clyde refused and abandoned Baram to an uncertain fate. Clyde crossed the Veldt and found himself in Thamasa, where a woman invited him to stay. Clyde settled down and begot his daughter Relm. But at an uncertain time later, Clyde abandoned Thamasa, and their dog followed him. After this, he went "missing". Most hints point at him being Shadow.

Clyde only appears in Shadows's dreams in the game.

Category: People

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