Cloud of Darkness

The Cloud of Darkness (暗闇の雲 [kurayami no kumo] or 'Cloud of Darkness' in Japanese) is actually a person only insofar as 'she' has a consciousness, and appears and can speak human language. She is a being born of the world of Nothing, and desires nothing but to make everything else into Nothing as well. She is reborn every time either Light or Dark becomes too strong and threatens to overwhelm the other.

She appears in the Dissidia series with voice acting. Her seiyuu was Masako Ikeda, with Laura Bailey as her English voice actor.

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Final Fantasy III

There are two known occurrences of her birth. The first was the incident 1,000 years in the past when Light overflowed and had to be defeated by the Warriors of Dark. She was defeated by them at that time. The second time is her appearance in Final Fantasy III, where the Warriors of Light defeat her.



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Cloud of Darkness has had several appearances in the FF-TCG, under the elements of Dark and Water.

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