Claidie I d'Oraguille

Princess Claidie I d'Oraguille (クレーディ・I・ドラギーユ [claidie I d'oraguille] in Japanese) is the daughter of King Destin R d'Oraguille in Final Fantasy XI. Her mother was Leaute I d'Oraguille, and her brothers are Trion I d'Oraguille and Pieuje I d'Oraguille. Claidie is the beautiful, intelligent and determined youngest child of King Destin. At times, she disguises herself as an adventurer called Eideialc and goes out of the city on adventures. She was born in 865 CE1 (making her current age around 20), and has long ash-blonde hair and blue eyes.



Princess Claidie was born a mere year after the Crystal War ended. While not much is known about her childhood years, she lost her mother at four years old2, and has since visited her grave in the Memorial Garden daily, partially also to take care of the flowers there. It appears she was very close to her mother, and in appearance as well as feelings. Ever since then, she has played the peacemaker between her two very different older brothers.

The first possible time for an adventurer to meet Claidie for a San d'Orian adventurer is the cutscene right after character creation, when the character first arrives to San d'Oria. This welcoming cutscene has her trying to placate her two arguing brothers about something trivial, when the three come across the adventurer. Claidie then welcomes them.
If this cutscene wasn't seen - and even if it was - the second chance for meeting Claidie is upon reaching rank 2 (San d'Orian) or rank 3 (any other nationality) and talking to Chalvatot in Queen Leaute's Memorial Garden. Claidie arrives to the scene and begs the adventurer to do their best to help their nation.

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Claidie has appeared once in the FF-TCG, with the element of Water.


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