Cid Randell

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Cid Randell is the father of Mewt Randell in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. His wife was Remedi Randell, although she died years ago.

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In the real world Cid Randell was a drunkard failure after his wife died, but still loves his son dearly. He cannot get over Remedi's death.

In the dream Ivalice, he is the King of Bervenia and the Judgemaster, controlling all Judges. At first he is dead set against the idea of his world being nothing but a dream, and views Marche Radiuju as an enemy when he breaks the Crystal Lines. Bit by bit, though, he starts to believe, and finally joins Marche and Montblanc's side.



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Cid has had one appearance in the FF-TCG series, bearing the element of Lightning.

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