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Cid Raines (シド・レインズ [cid raines] in Japanese) in Final Fantasy XIII is an Air Force Brigadier General of a division in the Cocoon military known commonly as the Cavalry. He has command of his own airship, the Lindblum. While he opposed to the fal'Cie rule of Cocoon, he was made a l'Cie by them and from then on carried out their commands in secret. His l'Cie brand was hidden on his right hand. The exact age of Cid is unknown, although appears middle-aged at most. He's 199 cm tall, with blue eyes and black hair. He fell at the hands of the Pulse l'Cie in the Fifth Ark beneath Eden, and eventually was shot by Rygdea to free him of fal'Cie rule.

His voice actor in the Japanese version of the game is Yuuichi Nakamura, and Erik Davies in the English version.

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Not much is known about Cid's life, and not at all of his very early life. It isn't even known if he became a l'Cie before or after becoming the Brigadier General. Before being made a l'Cie, he was strongly opposed to fal'Cie rule on Cocoon, but kept his resistance in secret, intending on undoing their rule from within.
At some point, Cid met Barthandelus and was made a l'Cie. His Focus being to help the Pulse l'Cie destroy Cocoon, he lost all hope of throwing away fal'Cie rule and resigned to his fate.

When the Pulse l'Cie finally appeared, years after he was made l'Cie, Cid first made a deal with Oerba Yun Fang to search for other l'Cie, promising to help her with her Focus, claiming to want to overthrow the fal'Cie rule. They then tracked down Snow Villiers, and eventually the other l'Cie. With all of them assembled, he smuggled them aboard the Palamecia as per Barthandelus's orders.
But seeing the Pulse l'Cie struggle against their fate made Cid remember his human dreams. Eventually, he went down to the Fifth Ark to meet with the Pulse l'Cie again, with the intention of stopping them from destroying Cocoon, and in such a way to throw away his Focus and follow his long-lost dream.

Cid was defeated in battle against the Pulse l'Cie and fell to a short crystal stasis. From there, he was teleported to Eden to become the new Primarch of Cocoon. Eventually, he was shot by Rygdea so he could finally be free of fal'Cie rule.


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Cid has had one appearance in the FF-TCG, bearing the element of Ice.

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