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Cid Pollendina (シド・ポレンディーナ [cid pollendina] in Japanese) is a mechanic and airship engineer from Final Fantasy IV. He's known for using Mythril hammers in his airship work1. He's 54 years old at the start of the game (which makes him ? in The After Years). He's 159 cm tall, weighs 67 kg and is right-handed. He hails from Baron, and is the inventor of all airships. His current family consists of his daughter and her family.

The original FF4 didn't have voice acting, but the DS version of the game did add this. Cid was voiced by Ichirou Nagai in the Japanese version and Stephen Martello in the English one.

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Early Years


Cid was born in Baron at a time before its complete military dominance. It's unknown how Baron fared at that point in time, but it must have still been a relatively well-off nation with its Dragoons dominating the skies. What Baron lacked at that time was airships.

Cid was a natural-born mechanic and inventor. Some point early on in his life he started developing theories of aviation2. When he later found ancient technology using the art of flotation in some ruins near Baron, he took that technology and combined it with his own theories to make the first of the airships that Baron is known for. His inventions and his mechanical genius brought him a position as the Chief Engineer of the Baron Airship Corps, Engineer unit.

At some point in his life, Cid married. It's unknown what happened to his wife, but she's not present in FF4, and instead he lives with his daughter (name not mentioned).

Final Fantasy IV

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Cid has had several appearances in the FF-TCG, bearing the element of Wind.

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