Cid Haze

Cid Haze (シド·ヘイズ [cid haze] in Japanese) is a 64-year-old airship engineer originally from Saronia, and with his role in Final Fantasy III is the second Cid to have appeared in the series. Currently he resides in the town of Canaan with his wife.

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Nothing much is known about the very early life of Cid, but whether he was born there or later moved to the city, he ended up making a considerable reputation for himself in Saronia. In his role as an airship engineer, and the most respected airship engineer at that, he has built the airship Nautilus, and at least another unnamed one.


At the time when Xande stopped the world's flow of time, Cid was on an airship with his wife and many other people. The airship crashed on the Floating Continent, and the only survivors were Cid, his wife, and four babies, now orphaned. Those babies were Luneth, Arc, Refia and Ingus. Cid, now without an airship that could fly away from the Continent, saw the babies to proper homes and settled down in Canaan with his wife. He ends up building an airship for himself (with the aid of blacksmith Takka and his adopted daughter Refia) for travel across the continent, and becomes the Master Airship Engineer of King Argus.

Shortly before the game's start he makes a journey to Kazus again, but the earthquake that awakens Djinn the way out of the Nelv Valley becomes blocked, and he cannot go back home. On top of it all, he gets caught in Djinn's curse and is turned into a ghost. When two youths from Ur - Luneth and Arc - arrive to investigate, he asks for their help in getting back home, and allows them the use of his airship to aid in their quest.

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Cid has made an appearance in FF-TCG with the element of Wind.

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