Cid (FF2)

Cid, an inventor, currently resides in Poft during the beginning of Final Fantasy II. This makes him a citizen of Fynn. He's a genius who built the first (and apparently only) airship in the world. Nothing else is known about the person himself.

Cid managed an airship service with his attendant until the Empire destroyed Poft. He also gave vital information on destroying Dreadnaught to the heroes. Towards the end of the game, Cid escapes to Fynn, mortally wounded…he ends up giving control of his airship to Firion, Maria, Guy and Ricard Highwind just before his death.


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Cid has made an appearance in the FF-TCG under the element of Wind.

tcg_10055.jpg tcg_14055.jpg
10-055C Airship Engineer Cid 14-055R Airship Engineer Cid

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