Chocolina (チョコリーナ [chocolina] in Japanese) is a time-traveling merchant in a chocobo costume from Final Fantasy XIII-2. While her exact identity is never stated outright, it is strongly hinted at that she is the chocobo chick who traveled with the main party in FF13. Due to her time traveling her age is unknown, as is how she took on human form. She is known to have traveled the Void Beyond, this might have something to do with it. Her name was given to her by Dajh Katzroy.
Chocolina's main function is to put up shop/synthesis shop called Chocolina's Superstore at each and every location she arrives at. She is a strong-willed character who appears to care for naught but her own profit and well-being.

She's voiced by Seiko Ueda in the Japanese version and Julie Nathanson in English.


Early Years

Presuming the hints are true, Chocolina was bought at a pet shop at Euride Gorge by Sazh Katzroy. She was meant as a gift for Sazh's son Dajh, but the latter was made a l'Cie right that same time, and the chocobo chick ended up traveling with Sazh, who was searching for a way to make his son completely human again.

Final Fantasy XIII

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She was still with Sazh some time later when Cocoon fell and Dajh was released from his crystal sleep. The small family took off to rescuing citizens from the ruined Cocoon, but after this their movements are unknown.

Fragments Before

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Final Fantasy XIII-2


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There is not much to be said about Chocolina's appearance when she was a chick. At this time period of her life she looks like a regular creamy yellow chocobo chick.

In 13-2, however, Chocolina looks completely human, although one in a strange chocobo outfit. She has long black hair and brown eyes. On her head she has a reddish-orange chocobo plush cap, and the outfit she wears consists of reddish-orange bikinis and dark brown thigh-high boots. On her back she has a contraption resembling a chocobo's tail feathers, and on her hands she has sleeves resembling a chocobo's wings. It bears noting that the sleeves appear to cover her hands entirely.

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