Chime (チャイム [chime] in Japanese) is the chancellor of Padarak in the Crystal Chronicles series. She's a half-Selkie half-Clavat who was taken in by King Epitav after her mother's death, and grew as a big sister of kinds to King Leo, Epitav's son. She has much knowledge about folklore and legends as a legacy from her mother. The name of her mother and the identity of her father are unknown.

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It's unknown when exactly Chime's mother died, but Chime can't have been too young (nor too old) when it happened. She does remember what her mother taught her about legends and folklore after all. Nevertheless, after it happened King Epitav took her in, and she grew up as a mentor and sister-figure to the young Leo.


After King Epitav disappeared and miasma took over their previous homeland, Chime left on a journey with Leo and Hugh Yurg. Eventually, after the miasma's disappearance, they were on a journey to find King Epitav. From the moogles the three gained information that Epitav had been seen in some borderlands far away, and went to try track him down.

Eventually, Chime and the others arrived in what was to be the new Padarak. She took the position of now-king Leo's Chancellor, and the newly re-founded kingdom flourished with the power of Architek and the guidance of their young king.


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While Chime has no battle data in the game, there are several downloadable alternate costumes for her. These are the Chancellor's Knell, a gothic lolita-flavored dress, and Summer Chime, a swimsuit. Each takes a total of three extra blocks of space.


Chime has made appearances in the FF-TCG with the element of Ice.

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Chime had a minigame dedicated to her ('Chime's Tavern') on the Japanese version of Square Enix Members site for quite a few years. The aim of the minigame was to deliver the right orders to various adventurers come to her tavern as fast as possible.

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