Chief of Invidia

The Chief (族長 [zokuchou] or 'patriarch' in Japanese) is the leader of the Invidia village and the Dragoniers who live there. He doesn't have too much involvement in the actual plot, but seems inclined to trust everything to fate rather than fight it. He has an unnamed wife and two children, Roland and Rekoteh. Not much can be said about his appearance as he hides behind a huge black hat and a red coat, but he has a long gray beard.


It is unknown how the title of the chief is passed on among the Dragoniers, but somewhere along the way it fell on his shoulders, and he married his wife. Sometime later, the two had their first child, Roland. Apparently wishing for him to become heroic like his namesake the Hero Roland, they ended up raising a very insecure individual. The difference in age between Roland and Rekoteh isn't known, but eventually the two had their second child, who became very attached to her big brother.

When Roland had grown enough, he bonded with a Dragon and headed for Spelvia in order to become a hero. All of Invidia was left waiting to hear something more of him, and eventually waiting for his help when an Ice Queen - the demon Mammon - took over the Sun Temple that was keeping the northern lands of Invidia warm enough to be habitable. The Chief forbade anyone from trying to interfere with 'fate', and everyone was merely waiting for the 'hero' to come back and save them.
In the flashback period of the game, the Four Warriors of Light arrived and took down the Ice Queen, reviving the awaiting hearts of the Dragoniers, fixing any family issues the Patriarch had had during her reign.

It isn't known what happened in the original timeline, but it might be that Roland never came back to Invidia, being blinded by his own cowardice. When the Warriors Brandt and Jusqua arrived in Invidia, he ended up helping them by giving them the key required to access the underground section of the village, where the Dragon Harp was hidden and waiting.

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