Chelinka (チェリンカ [chelinka] in Japanese) is one of the two main characters in Ring of Fates. She is a Clavat, and older sister to Yuri - if only for a little as the two are twins. Their parents are Latov and Aleria. As a child she was a real scaredy-cat, but after the hard events in her life she became more courageous.
Chelinka has blonde hair and green eyes. It is unknown what age she is in the beginning of the game, but for the majority of it she is 12 years old. She was born with the power of Starsingers, and held a bright Crystal.

Chelinka's voice actor in the Japanese version was Nami Kurokawa.


Early Years


As stated before, Chelinka was born first of the twins to her mother Aleria. Her earliest days she spent in a happy family in their small village, and watched over by her future tutors Alhanalem and Meeth Crym. However, the family idyll was not to last. When the twins were still babies, Cu Chaspel came from Rebena Te Ra on the orders of Hierophant Galdes to take away their mother. Aleria left willingly, wanting to spare her family any misfortune.
Afterwards, it was just the twins with their father and their two tutors. Nevertheless, their days were spent in happy childhood bliss, with both Chelinka and Yuri unaware of the powers they could wield.

That is the situation for the game's opening. It is unknown how old the twins were at that point, but at least a year or so younger than 12, quite likely much younger.

Ring of Fates

One day, the very same day Alhanalem made a pendant out of Chelinka's crystal, their father taught the twins how they could do together some things they could not do without each other. This prompted the twins to go explore a cave complex, the Valley of Heroes close by to their village, to try out their father's hatchet on the small monsters there. However, in the end the twins came across a big scorpion driven wild by the power of a red crystal. They took it down, although Chelinka was horrified. It did not make the situation better for her when an apparition of a red-haired girl appeared afterwards. Chelinka immediately tagged her as a ghost and ran away, followed closely by Yuri who didn't want to leave his sister alone.

The next day the twins, for the first time ever, got to follow their father to Rebena Te Ra. They were given free rein to run about the city as long as they returned by the arranged time. That the twins gladly did. However, when the promised time came, their father was nowhere to be seen. The twins waited, until they saw someone that appeared to be their father, heading away from them. Naturally, the twins followed. They lost sight of the person, but ended up in the Abandoned Town section of Rebena Te Ra, and finally came across a Behemoth they defeated to prevent it from rampaging through the town. Not too long after, they found their father who had been looking for them, wondering why the two weren't there for the promised time.

After their return, the twins soon had a third trip outside, this time following Alhanalem to Mt Vaal. Alhanalem was most surprised to hear that they had come across monsters corrupted by red crystals before, not even once but twice already. However, he did not have time to think on it too thoroughly. It was that night that Cu Chaspel came to the village again, this time after the twins, both him and Galdes having witnessed that at least one of them must be a Starsinger. Latov tried protecting the twins, but ended up dying to Chaspel's attacks.
However, this proved to be the turning point of the twins' lives. Chelinka and Yuri used their power, whisking away Chaspel. It was too late for their father, and Chelinka did not survive unscathed from using the power. She fell to a catatonic state, not responding to much anything, and her eyes turned golden.

For the next year(s), Yuri and Chelinka lived by themselves in the village, Yuri taking care of not only himself but the catatonic Chelinka. Then one day, Chelinka awoke. She still could not use her voice, but she spoke to Yuri telepathically. Yuri had gotten strong and knowledgeable during that time, and the two made a decision to go rescue Alhanalem.
They headed to Mt Vaal, where they found Al enclosed in red crystal. However, Yuri soon broke the crystal and freed Al from it. Armed with the companionship of their old tutor, a decision was reached to head to the king of Rebena to demand some answers and warn him of the danger the temple provided.

To be continued



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Chelinka has made several appearances in the FF-TCG series, under the elements of Wind and Light.

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