Charlys is a Hyur in employ of the Bismarck restaurant in Limsa Lominsa of Final Fantasy XIV version 1.x.


Class Quests
Showdown (start)


Charlys: Welcome, connoisseur, to the world-famous Bismarck!
The dining table is a canvas, but without an artist to render upon it a masterpiece, it remains merely a void.
(when checking guild tasks)
Charlys: A veritable deluge of business has our chefs here at the Bismarck drowning in orders. If we are to keep the restaurant afloat, we have little choice but to turn to the hoi polloi for assistance - which is where you come in, my good friend! I couldn't tempt you to a bit of honest labor, could I? There'll be a shiny coin or two for you at the end of it!

Category: People

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