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Celes Chere (セリス・シェール [celes cher] in Japanese) is a general of the Empire. She was born, possibly created, in the Empire, and was raised to be in its service all her life. As a baby, she was infused with magic, and grew up to be one of the Empire's main generals. However, unlike most other people in the Empire, her heart remained pure, and she abhorred some of her colleagues' actions, particularly Kefka's, though she did nothing about it for a long time.

At the start of FF6, Celes is already a grown woman of 18, and an accomplished general. She works in her capacity as a Magitek Knight, fighting with both sword and sorcery, and has the Runic ability besides, allowing her to absorb magic. Her birthday is March 10th. She is 172 cm tall, weighs 58 kg, and has blood type B. She dislikes weak men, but has surprisingly elegant tastes: she likes antique picture books, and her hobby is looking after greenhouses and making rose topiaries. She also possibly has some talent in music, as she learned the main part of an opera well enough to fool everyone, in the span of a few hours.

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Early Years


Celes was born in the Empire's city of Vector. Her parents were never mentioned; it is highly likely she was genetically manufactured, most likely in an experiment to give normal humans the ability to do magic. Whether created for that particular purpose or not, she was indeed infused with magic when she was still a baby, as Emperor Gestahl found Terra Branford and Espers, and used their powers to further research magic.

Unlike Terra, Celes had always considered magic to be a wonderful gift, not a curse. She grew up in the Empire, raised by the researcher Cid del Norte Marguez, whom she grew to view as a father or grandfather. Celes trained in both magic and swordsmanship, and eventually rose to the rank of general. However, she kept to herself socially, and did not seem to know anyone well aside from her adoptive father, not even Terra or Leo Cristophe, the other general.

By the time she was 18, Celes, though pure, had still never questioned the Empire's orders, even to the point of torching the town of Maranda. However, upon hearing a plot that Kefka was to poison the entire population of Doma, she finally decided to speak up against the Empire. For her troubles, she was branded a traitor and locked up in the town of South Figaro, awaiting her punishment for the following day.

Final Fantasy VI

Celes's first appearance in FF6 is not a glorious one. Branded a traitor for speaking out against the Empire she served, she is locked up and beaten, waiting for a death sentence. Fate spares her, however, in the form of Locke Cole, who, while gathering information, finds her and decides to rescue her, as she reminds him of someone.

The two travel to Narshe, which Celes declares the Empire will attack next, and just in time, for no sooner does everyone gather than the Empire attacks, their goal being an Esper found in Narshe's mines. She helps them fight off the Empire, but Terra gets a strange reaction from the Esper, transforms, and flies away. Celes joins the rest of the group in looking for her.

They find Terra in Zozo, asleep, watched over by the Esper, Ramuh. He asks them to free the Espers held in the Magitek Facility in Vector, hoping one of them will be able to help Terra. Celes decides to go to Vector, as she knows it well, and Locke volunteers to go with her. They head to Jidoor to find someone to help them.

In Jidoor, they run into the Impresario of the opera, who mistakes Celes for the opera star Maria at first. The "Wandering Gambler", Setzer, plans to kidnap Maria and makes her his wife; Locke proposes they use Celes as a decoy. That way, Maria is safe, and Locke can find Setzer's airship, which they will use to get into Vector. Despite declaring that she's a general, not some opera floozy, Celes agrees to this plan.


Celes performs admirably, though things run into yet another snag when Ultros tries to crash the show by dropping a heavy weight on the heads of the heroes. Though Locke & co stop him from doing any lasting damage, they all fall onto the stage, where the story takes on an improvisional twist. In the midst of all this, Setzer drops by, as announced, and kidnaps Celes onto his airship.

Despite the group's pleas, Setzer refuses to help them. However, when he discovers Celes is even more beautiful than Maria, he proposes that she marries him, in exchange for his help. Celes agrees on one condition - a coin toss. If it's heads, he has to help them; and if tails, she'll marry him. However, the coin is a 2-headed coin. Setzer, impressed they managed to cheat him, agrees to give his help, and lands the airship outside Vector.

Inside the Magik Research Facility, they meet Cid, Celes's adoptive father, who is surprised to learn that one can only fully obtain an Esper's power after that Esper dies and becomes Magicite. Kefka overhears, and orders Celes to bring him the Magicite the group gathered. As everyone starts to doubt her and believe Kefka's claims that she is a spy, Celes sacrifices herself to give them a chance to escape.

While Celes remained in Vector, the rest of the group tried to convince the Espers in their own world to help fight against the Empire. Though Terra tried to talk to them, they broke into a violent frenzy, and destroyed much of Vector. After seeing their power, the Emperor had a change of heart, and asked Terra's group for one favor - to make peace with the Espers, which were seen flying towards Crescent Island.

Locke and Terra go on the Emperor's excursion, while the rest of the group stays in Vector. As luck would have it, the Emperor sends with them Shadow, General Leo, and Celes, to speak on his behalf.

When Locke and Terra find the Espers with help from two citizens of Thamasa, they proceed to have a peace talk with General Leo. Though the talk goes well, Kefka suddenly shows up with Magitek armors and destroys all the Espers, gathering up the Magicites they leave behind. Leo tries to fight him, and dies for his troubles. As Edgar and the others arrive with their airship, Celes rejoins her companions in their fight against the Empire.

The Floating Continent appears in the sky, the location of the Warring Triad, a set of statues from which magic was created. There, the Emperor and Kefka go, and the group chases them. When they find Gestahl and Kefka, they try to convince Celes to kill her friends and rejoin them and rule the world alongside them. Celes, however, helps her friends by stabbing Kefka instead. In his madness, Kefka moves the statues of the Warring Triad, upsetting the balance of the world. As Kefka falls farther into madness and kills Emperor Gestahl, Shadow stops him, giving the group a chance to escape. They make it out alive, but the world falls apart beneath them. The airship breaks apart, as well, and the companions are scattered to different parts of the world.


Celes wakes up in a cabin on a deserted island, with no one around but Cid. He tells her that she has slept for a whole year, and there is no one else around. Recently, he has fallen ill, and Celes goes out to catch fish for him to eat. Depending on the fish, he may or may not die - the story only differs slightly. In the event of Cid's death, Celes gives up on living, but as she prepares to jump off a cliff, a bird flies by, its wing bandaged by a familiar bandanna that she recognized as Locke's. She finds new hope upon realizing that the rest of her companions might still be alive. Cid leaves her a note - or tells her, himself - about a raft he has built, and Celes sales off into the world again.

As Celes passes through Nikeah, she finds a man named Gerad, whom she swears is Edgar. However, he refuses to admit it. She follows him as he travels with a group of thugs into Figaro Castle, on the way to some treasure they left hidden in there. Edgar holds off a monster - with Celes's help, after finally admitting to his identity - while the rest of them get their treasure, and then hides so the thugs leave, thinking he was eaten by the monster. They were his ticket into Figaro Castle, and with that objective achieved, he returns to his usual self.

They travel to Kohlingen, where they find Setzer, depressed and given up. Celes convinces him to fight again, and they go to the tomb of Daryl, an old friend of Setzer's, where they procure another airship. With airship in hand, they plan to attack Kefka, who has erected a massive tower, by air. First, however, they look for the rest of their friends.

When they finally assault Kefka's tower, they first find the Warring Triad. However, even after they destroy it, magic still thrives - because Kefka has taken that magic for himself. As they defeat Kefka, the tower falls apart, and Terra leads them out. On the way out, Celes drops Locke's bandana, and nearly dies trying to recover it, which Locke - if the player finds him - berates her for.

Everyone leaves, in the end, in the airship, and looks out onto a new dawn.


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Celes has made several appearances in the FF-TCG with the element of Ice.

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