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Cecil Harvey (セシル・ハーヴィ [cecil harvey] in Japanese), before the start of Final Fantasy IV, is the commander of the Red Wings, Baron's airship division. As far as he knows, he was orphaned when he was a child, and was taken in by the King of Baron. At the start of FF4 he is 20 years old and lives on the top floor of Baron Castle's left tower. He's 178 cm tall and weighs 58 kg.
In The After Years, he has ruled Baron for years, and has a child called Ceodore with his wife Rosa.

In both Dissidia and the DS version of Final Fantasy IV his voice actors were Shizuma Hodoshima (Japanese version) and Yuri Lowenthal (English version). He didn't have voice actors before those games.

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Early Years

Cecil was born in a small village (presumably located close to Baron) as the second child for his parents Kluya and Cecilia. At the time he was born, his father KluYa had already died, and his mother Cecilia had been sick and frail for a long time. Shortly after his birth, Cecilia passed away, leaving Cecil and his brother Theodore to fend for themselves.
However, anger and doubt entered Theodore's heart and he went on his own way, abandoning the baby Cecil in a forest. This would no doubt have been the end of his story, had the King of Baron not stumbled on the baby with his entourage. The King decided to raise the baby, thinking he resembled Cecilia. How the King knew Cecilia is not known. Consequently, Cecil was named a second time, with the same name he had carried since birth.
So Cecil was brought to Baron Castle, and raised as the King's own son. Growing up, Cecil friended Rosa Farrel and Kain Highwind, and the three became inseparable.

Later on, Cecil joined Baron's military forces. Due to the King's wishes, he chose the path of the Dark Knight, but it isn't known if this happened before or after the became the commander of the Red Wings. It is also unknown how long before the events of Final Fantasy IV this happened.

Through all those years, Cecil kept up his connection with Kain and Rosa. Rosa, he also fell in love with. Each of the three childhood friends were well on their way to becoming influential persons in their own right in Baron.

Final Fantasy IV


At the start of the game, Cecil and the Red Wings were sent to attack Mysidia, and claim their Water Crystal. While Cecil and his men had doubts about the justification for the attack, they fulfilled their duty well, and returned to Baron with the Crystal.
However, when Cecil dares to question the King about the attack, he is stripped of his command of the Red Wings, and sent as an errand boy to Mist Village. Kain decides to come to his aid, and the next day the two men leave for Mist.
Before reaching the village, Cecil and Kain must slay the Mist Dragon that guards caves leading to the village. His troubles don't even end there, for when the two enter the village, they discover that the package the King of Baron had them deliver to Mist was actually a Carnelian Signet, designed to destroy the village as soon as it entered the area. Almost immediately after, the situation is made even more unbearable as the two friends find a girl crying over her dead mother, and that killing the Mist Dragon also killed the mother. After some talk, Cecil and Kain decide they can no longer follow the King's orders and to take the girl to safety. Even that ends rather badly, as the girl is not willing to come and summons Titan on them, sealing the entrance back to Mist and making Cecil and Kain separate.
Having no other options, Cecil picks up the unconscious girl and carries her to the nearby town of Kaipo. The next night he and the girl are accosted by soldiers of Baron, who demand he hand over the girl on the King's orders. Cecil refuses and defeats the soldiers. The girl who has until now refused to talk to Cecil, introduces herself as Rydia.

The next day, Cecil finds Rosa at Kaipo. She is suffering from Desert Fever, but the cure is rare and not freely available. Cecil decides to go after it, there being no way he could leave Rosa like this.
Rydia accompanies him as he makes his way out of Kaipo and north towards Damcyan, where the cure could be found. On the way, they pick up the old Sage Tellah who is on his way to Damcyan to find his daughter Anna who has run away to be with her love.
When the three arrive in Damcyan, they arrive only to see its destruction. Baron's Red Wings have just finished attacking the city and castle, and have retreated with Damcyan's Fire Crystal. In the ruined castle Damcyan, they found Tellah's daughter Anna, dying, and her love, the Prince Gilbert. Gilbert ends up Cecil to lead him to Antlion's Den, where they find the cure for Desert Fever. They make haste back to Kaipo where they Rosa is cured. She reports that things have gone from bad to worse in Baron, and convinces Cecil to let her join him. The next destination is decided as being Fabul, the nearest country with a Crystal left.

Cecil and his companions take the land route to Fabul, over Mt Hobbs in the north and east. When there, they meet up with Yang Fang Leiden, a monk from Fabul, and with their party now five strong, make their way the rest of the way to Fabul to warn their king. Just in time, for they do not have to wait long for an attack. Baron's forces make their way into the castle.
It is decided they will make a last stand in the crystal room, but even that is not successful. To everyone's surprise, Kain shows up, and is on the enemy's side. He and the enemy leader, Golbez, kidnap Rosa.
Shocked by the recent events, Cecil can't but go on. It is decided they will try to infiltrate Baron itself from the sea, and get aboard a ship. Even now, luck doesn't smile at Cecil and his company. The ship is sucked into a whirlpool made by Leviathan. Cecil washes up alone at the shores of Mysidia.


Having no choice, Cecil asks for their help, and their forgiveness. Contrary to the wishes of some of the townspeople, Cecil is given a chance. If he can travel to Mt Ordeals and become a Paladin, Mysidia will lend its aid. To ensure he gets to Mt Ordeals and to watch over his behavior are sent the genius twins of Mysidia, Palom and Porom.
At Mt Ordeals, Cecil and the twins unexpectedly run into Sage Tellah. Together, the four make their way to the top.
After defeating Scarmiglione who was waiting for them, Cecil and the others find a shrine. There, Cecil is granted the powers of a Paladin. His first task is to defeat his old Dark Knight self in battle, and when he manages to defeat the reflection, a voice congratulates him, calling him his son. Cecil is understandably confused.

With his task fulfilled, Cecil returns to Mysidia with his companions. They are granted permission to use the Devil's Way, a shortcut to Baron. After some preparation, the party is on their way. They reach Baron safely, and at the city's inn much to their surprise find Yang, who joins the party after some persuasion. With the key given to Yang's possession, the five infiltrate the old waterways beneath the castle and get into the castle proper.
Even there a surprise is waiting for them, as first they must defeat Baigan who has turned into a monster, and then Cagnazzo who was impersonating the King. The real king turns out to be long dead.
Right after this, Cid barges in. He has just freed himself and is about to give a good talking-to to the king, and is quite shocked to hear about what has happened. He then offers his airship to the party's use, and is just taking the others there when in the waiting room leading to the throne room, the doors get locked and the walls start moving in to crush them. Palom and Porom save the others by turning themselves into stone.

To be continued

The After Years


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Cecil has appeared in the FF-TCG several times. The appearances are distributed between Light, Dark, Earth and Water elements.

tcg_1155.jpg tcg_2099.jpg tcg_6086.jpg tcg_13201.jpg
1-155R Cecil 2-099S Cecil 6-086S Cecil 13-201R Cecil
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14-070S Cecil 14-110S Cecil PR-008 Cecil PR-013 Cecil

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