Cassandra is a person from Gridania in Final Fantasy XIV. She works at the Gods' Quiver (although it's unknown if she's actually an archer), and handles all business concerning guild marks.


Cassandra is not involved in any quests.


Cassandra: Welcome, traveler. Here you may exchange the Archers' Guild marks in your possession for a variety of goods and services.

(hear an explanation about the guild)
Cassandra: To answer the call of the archer, you need do no more than take up a bow in hand. Though, you would do well to strap a quiver to your back, as well.
Distance is our king, and to him we pledge fealty. Arrows are our servants, and they do as we bid them. We must be ever mindful of both.
Many think archery a simple endeabor, but truth be told, our techniques are as diverse as any. With proper training, you may even learn to divert an enemy's attention away from yourself.

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