Callo Merlose

Callo Merlose (キャロ・メルローズ [callo merlose] in Japanese) is an Inquisitor from the VKP in Vagrant Story. She is a natural learner of everything around her, observant of every detail and able to calmly think through tough situations. She's 23 years old and around 170 cm tall.


Early Years


It is unknown what kind of a family situation Callo came from, but at some early point in her life she enrolled as a student of Psychology at the Academy, specializing in the study of criminal and religious psyche. What led her to this decision is unknown, whether she even made it herself or if she was guided to it by others.

Nevertheless, she received her degree, presumably in standard time, and joined the VKP Information Analysis Unit - aka the Inquisitors. She hadn't been on her job for long when the Graylands Incident happened, and she was assigned to help Ashley Riot get into Duke Bardorba's manor.

Vagrant Story

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Callo is a beautiful tall woman with long black hair that reaches down to her shoulder blades on her back. She wears it mostly free but with a short braid on either side of her face. Her eyes are dark (almost black).
Callo has a slender figure that she appears to know how to take advantage of. She wears a short dark gray dress of what appears to be thin leather or other such strong material, and form-fitting black breeches/pantyhose of some kind. She also wears long gloves of black fabric or leather with metal reinforcements especially at the top of the hand. They reach all the way up her arms and past her elbows. Her shoes have high heels - about 7-10 cm judging by the picture - and also appear to have some metal guards at the front of her legs and around the top of the feet.
She doesn't appear to be carrying any weapons, although she does have a metal shield of some kind attached to her right arm.


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