Caius Ballad

Caius Ballad is the Guardian of the Seeress Paddra Nsu Yeul in Final Fantasy XIII-2. He was born in ancient times, and due to the Heart of Etro has a practically limitless lifespan. His whole life he has dedicated to the protection and wellbeing of the various incarnations of the Seeress, which might have driven him mad - in a cold and calculated way. He doesn't much care for the rest of the world.

His seiyuu is Hiroshi Shirokuma in the Japanese version, and Liam O'brien in the English one.

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Early Years


It's unknown when exactly it was that Caius was born, and even the when is unclear. However, he either found his way to Paddra or was there to begin with to start his service as a Guardian to the Seeress. At those times the title was given to the one who bested the previous Guardian, and that's exactly what Caius did to gain his station.

It was presumably some time after that that Caius summoned the Chaos Bahamut in battle. The goddess Etro saw what he did and rewarded his bravery with the Heart of Etro that gave him eternal life and almost unbeatable powers. He is presumed to have already been grandly dedicated to the Seeress at that point.

At some part of his life Caius took the last name Ballad to honor a fallen hero. It is unknown when exactly this happened.

As the Seeresses came and went and Caius served them, his heart ached for the suffering they had to go through, due to the fact that seeing the future to guide her people shortens her life. Also while each and every Seeress was the same soul, reborn over and over again with the same name and the same face, he also saw how each was still an individual, with their own likes and dislikes and experience of life. After he had seen her reborn enough times, he started longing for a world where she would not have to die only to be born and serve again.

Final Fantasy XIII-2

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Caius is a tall man with piercing blue eyes and slightly tanned skin. His hair is purple, darker at the roots than at the ends. He wears what is presumably a traditional Guardian armor, a sleek thing of (presumably) some metal. His particular one is mostly black and purple.


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Caius has appeared in the FF-TCG several times, under the elements of Dark and Fire.

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