Bikke (Dimensions)

Bikke (ビッケ [bikke] in Japanese) is a pirate captain in Final Fantasy Dimensions. He's also known as the king of pirates. He and his crew have their hideout built on Pirate Island, an island close by to the busy trade town of Rusalka.


Nothing at all is known about Bikke's life before the start of the game.

Whatever he did, one day he met Styx, the Water General of Avalon, who ordered him to keep an eye out for the appearance of the Warriors of Light. It's unclear what he was to do with them, but the choices are to either defeat them himself or bring them to Styx to be taken care of when the time was right. Either case, he set his pirates to monitor the small village of Capo. That's where his plans went wrong as the Warriors defeated his pirates and commanded them to arrange a meeting with Bikke.

The meeting was set on Pirate Island, and Bikke naturally attacked them. However, he was defeated in short order just like his subordinates. From thereafter, he provided information and ferrying services to the Warriors, and brought them to Rusalka for starters.
When the Warriors were escaping the Underwater Temple close by to Rusalka and Styx attacked them, Bikke brought his ship to play and shot his cannons at her. This allowed the Warriors to emerge unscathed from the ambush.

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