Bijiji was one of the Little Ladies' Day 2012 personnel in Limsa Lominsa.


Bijiji is not involved in any quests.


Bijiji: Greetings, noble adventurer. Won't you join us in celebrating Little Ladies' Day amongst the pretty peach blossoms?

(Ask about Little Ladies' Day)
Bijiji: Little Ladies' Day is a special festival for young girls that began three hundred years ago. It stated with the famous story about Princess Edyva Thorne of Ul'dah. Perhaps you've heard the tale?
Princess Edyva was the only daughter of the sultan. She lived in a fancy palace surrounded by luxury, but she was terribly bored by all the rituals and rules of the court. So one day she traded places with a common girl, clothes and all, and slipped out of the palace to get a taste of life outside the walls. Which was all well and good, but when the sultan heard his daughter was missing…well, that's when Edyva's little flight of fancy took a serious turn.
Baldric - that was the sultan's name - went quite made with worry. He called his entire army to arms, and under his orders they turned the city upside down and inside out searching for the girl.
At first Princess Edyva enjoyed playing at hide-and-seek - it must have been very exciting to have an entire army looking for you - but when she saw the damage that was being done to the city by the sultan's soldiers, she sheepishly turned herself in and was returned to the palace.
The family that suffered the most was that of the girl who had swapped clothes with the princess - the panicked soldiers had inflicted indignities and worse on the poor folk. Once he calmed down, Baldric felt terrible about the whole affair. He visited the family and delivered that famous quote, "all young ladies are jewels in the sultan's crown - to behold and to treasure."
After that, the sultan ordered his chief architect to rebuild the common girl's home, and, to make up for what had happened, declared that for a full day, he would serve the girl as her personal seneschal.
The sight of their fierce, despotic ruler in humble service to a commoner - and a child at that - delighted the citizens. In his turn moved by the joy of his people, the sultan declared that one day of each year he would select, via lots, a common girl from the city and serve as her seneschal.
Soon, people were celebrating the day all across Eorzea, and even now, on Little Ladies' Day, we hold lots to chose the Little Lady of the Town and her royal seneschal.

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