Battlewarden (FF14)

This page details the various Battlewardens that can be found all over Eorzea. Each appears in their namesake camp or aetherial gate every half an hour, a little before the start of the next behest.
By talking to the local Battlewarden, you can sign up for the behest of the area, review behest objectives and retreat from duty. The Warden will instruct you on when to leave for your behest and when additional monsters appear during the behest, as well as if you're running out of time. If you succeed in clearing a behest successfully, a Warden will hand over your reward and can optionally teleport back to the camp or aetherial gate you started out from.

While behests are largely sanctioned by the Adventurers' Guilds in the areas they're held in, the Battlewardens are men and women in service of the local military. These military divisions are the Holtwatch for Gridania and the Black Shroud, Yellowjackets for Limsa Lominsa and La Noscea, as well as the Brass Blades for Ul'dah and Thanalan.

The Wardens


battlewarden_bentbranch_ff14.jpg battlewarden_emeraldmoss_ff14.jpg battlewarden_humblehearth_ff14.jpg battlewarden_muntuy_ff14.jpg
Bentbranch Emerald Moss Humblehearth Mun-Tuy Cellars
level 5+ level 15+ level 35+ level 35+
battlewarden_nineivies_ff14.jpg battlewarden_tranquil_ff14.jpg battlewarden_treespeak_ff14.jpg
Nine Ivies Tranquil Paths Treespeak
level 45+ level 25+ level 45+


battlewarden_baldknoll_ff14.jpg battlewarden_beardedrock_ff14.jpg battlewarden_bloodshore_ff14.jpg battlewarden_cassiopeia_ff14.jpg
Bald Knoll Bearded Rock Bloodshore Cassiopeia Hollow
level 45+ level 5+ level 25+ level 35+
battlewarden_cedarwood_ff14.jpg battlewarden_ironlake_ff14.jpg battlewarden_skullvalley_ff14.jpg
Cedarwood Iron Lake Skull Valley
level 35+ level 45+ level 15+

Brass Blades

battlewarden_blackbrush_ff14.jpg battlewarden_brokenwater_ff14.jpg battlewarden_drybone_ff14.jpg battlewarden_halatali_ff14.jpg
Black Brush Broken Water Drybone Halatali
level 5+ level 45+ level 15+ level 45+
battlewarden_horizonsedge_ff14.jpg battlewarden_nanawa_ff14.jpg battlewarden_nophicaswells_ff14.jpg
Horizon's Edge Nanawa Mines Nophica's Wells
level 25+ level 35+ level 35+


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