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Bartz Klauser (バッツ・クラウザー [butz klauser] in Japanese) is a 20-year-old traveler from Final Fantasy V. He hails from the town of Lix, is 176 cm tall and weighs 58 kg. He is one of the Warriors of Light of the world, and represents the power of Wind. Quite unlikely for the bearer of that power, he has a fear of heights.
His father is Dorgann Klauser, who died three years ago. His mother he lost when he was a child. He doesn't appear to have other family or close friends although he travels with his chocobo companion Boko. During the story of the game, he falls in love with Lenna Charlotte Tycoon.

While none of the Final Fantasy V versions have been voiced so far, Bartz made an appearance in Dissidia where his Japanese seiyuu was Souichirou Hoshi and English voice actor Jason Spisak.

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Bartz has appeared several times in the FF-TCG under the elements of Wind and Light. His likeness is also used in several job cards in the series (not displayed here).

tcg_1067.jpg tcg_1067pr.jpg tcg_3042.jpg tcg_3102.jpg
1-067R Bartz 1-067R Bartz (alternate) 3-042R Bartz 3-102S Bartz
tcg_10054.jpg tcg_13087.jpg tcg_14054.jpg tcg_pr053.jpg
10-054S Bartz 13-087C Bartz 14-054P Bartz PR-053 Bartz
PR-073 Bartz

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