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Barbariccia (バルバリシア [barbariccia] in Japanese) is one of the Four Fiends under Golbez's control in Final Fantasy IV. She represents the element of Wind, and indeed can call upon them to protect her (her hair become a whirlwind around her) as well as to attack. She has three underlings known as the Magus Sisters.

The original FF4 didn't have voice acting, but it was added for the DS version of the game. In it, Barbariccia was voiced by Yuuko Kaida in the Japanese version and Kirsty Pape in the English one.

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Not much can be said about Barbariccia's life, for nothing at all is known. Cecil and his companions meet her in the Tower of Zot where she has been guarding the kidnapped Rosa. As Kain was present in the tower as well, the two might have interacted in some way in that brief period of time. Nevertheless, Barbariccia and her underlings are summarily defeated soon after.
She's met for a second and final time in the story in the depths of the Giant of Babil, where she meets her final end.



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Barbariccia has had several appearances in the FF-TCG, under the element of Wind.

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2-043R Barbariccia 7-053U Barbariccia

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