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Barbara (バルバラ [barbara] in Japanese) is one of the dragoons of Deist, and the last active dragoon there is. Her mother and her father Abel died when she was very young. She was left in the care of Ebba and her father's friend Ricard, but decided to go with her father's wyvern Ceres instead, and was raised by the wyverns. Her speech remains very simple due to this.

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Barbara was born in Deist to her mother and her father Abel. It's unknown what exactly happened to her mother, but she was gone by the time the Avalonian Empire attacked Deist, during which time Barbara was 4 years old. Her father went to war and was killed. Barbara was briefly taken in by the woman Ebba, but one day out crying in the woods she encountered her father's wyvern Ceres, who was likewise grieving. Barbara chose to go with Ceres, and was thereafter raised by the wyverns. She didn't have any contact with the people of Deist for many, many years afterwards.


When the world was split into Light and Darkness, Avalon was busy poisoning the wyverns of Deist. The poison made them mad and attack each other and everything else. At the same time, Ceres was carrying an egg, which made Barbara worried about her wellbeing as well. Around that time, the Warriors of Light arrived in Deist. Barbara first took them for enemies and told them to leave, but was persuaded otherwise bit by bit. First the Warriors gave her her father's lance, the Abel's Lance, and then Ricard came to the Highwind Tower that Barbara was about to climb to aid Ceres and convinced her the rest of the way - aided by the Warriors bringing dragon grass to heal the wyverns of their poison. Barbara joined the Warriors for the climb up the tower, and in the first defeat of the Imperial General Vata.

It was at that time that Ceres gave birth to her egg and died in her weakness. Barbara reclaimed the egg, and activated the power of the Crystal on Abel's Lance - although it's not known if she did it on purpose or not. This gave the Warriors the power of Dragoons. However, it also gave the same power to Vata, who brought it to Cid.

It's unknown what exactly Barbara did after this, although presumably stayed at the Dragon Roost to take care of Ceres's egg.


Barbara is a young woman with grey-green eyes and long red hair. She wears a type of traditional dragoon armor in light green, purple and black, decorated with red gems and white sheer cloth. It's noteworthy that she doesn't actually wear boots as dragoons mostly do, but instead both knee-, thigh- and ankle-guards along with high-heeled shoes.


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Barbara has appeared in the FF-TCG with the element of Lightning.

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