Bango Zango

Bango Zango is a junior archivist of the Brugaire Consortium in Final Fantasy XIV. He resides in Limsa Lominsa, and can be found just outside the Hyaline, making his business.


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Bango Zango: My name is Bango Zango, junior archivist with the world-renowned Brugaire Consortium. When I was littl- Er, when I was young, I dreamed of opening a store which employed only kobolds. Kobolds are quick and they have sharp minds, and they use to be friendly to us here in Limsa.
I say 'used to', because in the past few years they've changed… It seems my dream will never come true… Ahem! Now, if it is an appointment you seek, I must ask that you proceed through the proper channels. You can start by checking the local guildleve counter.

(when leve is not yet done)
Bango Zango: The Brugaire Consortium is known for the expediency with which it fills its orders. If you refuse to complete the items I have requested, I will simply hire another adventurer to do my bidding. Gods know there are more than enough of you running around this city to choose from.

(handing in leve)
Bango Zango: Finished, are we? Let me take a look.
Yes… Yes… Very good. Very good, indeed. You have done a fine job today, <Player>. My superiors at the Consortium will be pleased, to say the least.

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