Baigan (ベイガン [baigan] in Japanese) is the Captain of the Guard of Baron in Final Fantasy IV. What Baigan was like as a human is unknown.

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It's unknown when Baigan joined the Guard. What is known is that when Cagnazzo started impersonating the King of Baron, Baigan fell under his control and lost his humanity - whether he was willing or unwilling is unknown. He seems to have been a major player in that Cagnazzo kept him around for so long, not to mention him being turned into a monster instead of silently disposed of when Cagnazzo took complete control over the castle. This seems to indicate that he was a willing accomplice.

Baigan is first met in FF4 in the very beginning stages of the game. When Cecil Harvey comes back to Baron after stealing the Water Crystal of Mysidia and expresses his doubts about the king's orders, Baigan claims this insubordination, prompting the king (that is, Cagnazzo) to send Cecil to Mist Village with the Carnelian Signet.
Late on, when Cagnazzo has taken control of the entire castle, Baigan welcomes Cecil back, pretending to be his ally. He still looks human then, but when his ruse is uncovered he transforms into his monster form. He's then summarily disposed of by Cecil and his companions.

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