Baderon Tenfingers

Baderon Tenfingers is the proprietor of the Drowning Wench, the local Adventurers' Guild in Limsa Lominsa in Final Fantasy XIV. He's a Hyur male of middle height, gray eyes and auburn hair and beard. His trademark item is his white bandana with blue figures resembling waves. He appears rough but looks after 'his' adventurers as well, netting them jobs and selling them necessities as required.
As the head of the Adventurers' Guild he encounters many important people in his job.


Early Years


He inherited the Drowning Wench from his father, although in those days the establishment was merely an alehouse. Over time he transformed it into a respectable guild and a place for many adventurers and sailors to stop by at when they end up in the port city of Limsa Lominsa.
Nothing else is known about his earlier life at this point.


"Me da once said, if me ma 'erself was ever t' stand 'twixt 'im and a life o' 'venturin', 'e'd straightways up an' drown th' wench."


Baderon has made an appearance in the FF-TCG series, bearing the Water element.

12-108C Baderon

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