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Babus Swain (バブズ・スエイン [babus swain] in Japanese) is a Nu Mou from the dream Ivalice in Tactics Advance. He is the royal mage in service of Mewt Randell, the prince of Ivalice. His existence in the dream world is based on Mewt's teddy bear in the real world.

While the original game didn't have voice acting, he was voiced by Kumi Sakuma in the radio drama.


Babus didn't exist until the dream Ivalice was created. Upon its creation, he was a royal mage of the court of Bervenia, and had always been. He is extremely loyal to prince Mewt, and during the first half of the game was often seen conversing with him and consoling him.


When Marche Radiuju was captured and thrown into the jail of Sprohm, Babus traveled to the city with Judgemaster Cid to question him. After they arrived, however, a portal opens and brings all three of them to the dimension of Exodus. As this would be giving Marche the chance to further unravel the fabric of the dream Ivalice's reality and this is not something his prince would want, Babus battles Marche. He loses, and Exodus is defeated.

For the remainder of the game Babus's doubts towards the reality of the world grow. Eventually he realizes that prince Mewt is best served by joining forces with Marche instead of continuing supporting the prince himself. He ends up saving Marche from Llednar Twem, the swordmaster and personal protector of prince Mewt. Only a short while later, Llednar Twem attacks him while he is on his way to meet prince Mewt in Ambervale. He is found by Marche and Judgemaster Cid when the two head to end the dream Ivalice, and is told to stay back from the battle due to his injuries.

After the crystal lines have all been broken and the Grand Grimoire holding the world together defeated, dream Ivalice continues existing in some form. In this after-dream Ivalice Babus recruits the help of Marche's clan to find a lost item of prince Mewt's, who has now left the world. After encountering the specter of the Gran Grimoire and telling her she is no more than a ghost, the residue turns into the teddy bear that he was looking for. Now in possession of the teddy bear, he offers to join Marche's clan for all that he has done for Mewt and the world.


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Babus joins the clan as a Runeseeker, his own special job. It closely resembles the Sage job.


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As the ability system in FFTA is dependent on switching jobs, Babus can learn the abilities of other jobs in addition to Runeseeker. The below lists his Runeseeker abilities.



Weapon Def+


As the equipment system in FFTA is dependent on switching jobs, Babus can wear the equipment allowed to his current job. On his exclusive Runeseeker job he wields maces and heavier mage gear.


Babus has appearaned in the FF-TCG series, under the element of Fire.

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