Atelloune (FF11)

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Atelloune is a San d'Orian scholar in Final Fantasy XI. She's currently in an assistant of Professor Clavauert B Chanoix. The personalities of the two seem to clash, as Atelloune's not willing to believe anything that hasn't been scientifically proven. She also seems very sarcastic at times in her writings, although in face to face communication her edge loses some of its sharpness.


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Wildlife Files

Atelloune's first appearance wasn't in the game, but in fact in Vana'diel Tribune, where she had a semi-regular column on the wildlife of Vana'diel called Atelloune's Wildlife Files. The various issues of this column are listed below.

Let's Talk Rabbits
Let's Talk Lizards
Let's Talk Treants
Let's Talk Poroggos

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