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Asmodai (アシュマダイ [ashmadai] in Japanese) is the General of Earth in Final Fantasy Dimensions, and in the employ of the Avalonian Empire. Not much is known about him, other than that he controls many status-inflicting magics.

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Nothing at all is known about Asmodai's early years, and he is an old man by the time he's met in the duration of the story. Some time before he had arrived in Alfheim on the Empire's orders to keep an eye on the prophecied appearance of a crystal. When he met Asmodai, King Freyr begged for the life of his family, and instead of harming them Asmodai took Freyr's eyesight and memories and sent him to wonder the world. He himself impersonated the king and managed to make an alliance with the Empire under his guise. While people noticed that he was no longer as friendly as before, they did not suspect king Freyr was no longer present.


Under Asmodai's rule, the lands around the World Tree Yggdrasil started to wither, and still the citizens held to their trust in the supposed king Freyr. Then one day, the Warriors of Darkness ended up close by to Alfheim and determined to find out what the empire was doing there. They encountered the memoryless king Freyr and took him with them to the highest branches of Yggdrasil where Asmodai held court, and after Freyr showed his true power in battle against Asmodai, exhausting himself completely in the process, the Warriors managed to defeat Asmodai.


Asmodai has the appearance of an old white-haired man in a yellow robe. He appears to be in his 50s or 60s. His robe has large sleeves and a hood, and seems brighter yellow on the hem than on the shoulders and sleeves, and the hem has dark blue decorations - likely stylized bats. On his shoulders he wears a stole of some kind with mystical scribblings. It's held in place with a golden ornament.
Asmodai also holds a rod of some kind with what appears to be a large yellow-brown jewel orb on the top. This orb has a pattern inside it.


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Asmodai has made an appearance in FF-TCG with the element of Earth.

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