Artemicion (FFCC)

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Artemicion is a Moogle who is uncharacteristically purple, and striped besides. He differs from other Moogles in other ways too - he'd rather laze about than be a shopkeeper, and even joins a band of thieves in one game.

Note that it isn't confirmed if all these Artemicion are the same moogle or different moogles with the same name and same looks.


Ring of Fates

In Ring of Fates Artemicion is a very lazy shopkeeper. He has a shop in Rebena Te Ra, but for most of the game he's not tending to the shop and instead goes off as a tourist guide to several overworked moogles. The group pops up in various locations during the main story.

Artemicion's shop can be found above the Weapon Shop, near the entrance to the temple. The shop sells various boosts, including magicite and item pouches as well as stat boosts. Naturally, the prices are quite high.

Crystal Chronicles


In Crystal Chronicles Artemicion has joined a group of bandits that consists of him, Bal Dat, and Meh Gaj. Their signature color is purple - indeed, Artemicion's coloring and stripes has seemingly been adopted by the other two thieves.

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Echoes of Time

Artemicion doesn't have too big a role in Echoes of Time. He can be found in Town's entrance, above the Customization Shop.
If you talk to him, he'll give you the option to change your hair color. This can only be done once before completing the next story event on each character. However, note that Yukes cannot change hair color.

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